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Events for Parents


I attended all three nights and I tried many of the ideas with my 6 year old. I am starting to feel confident that I understand how to encourage him without overdoing it... now about 10 more sessions please. I really enjoyed myself.

I did not understand how math was being taught in school. now I do. I want my children to be able to think and solve problems.

This really made sense.

This parent night helped me understand why my children are learning the way they are now. It makes much more sense. I would love to have more.

This evening helped open my mind to how math can be taught so that all students have time to learn well.

I love that kids will be taught strategyll Stop and think before doing. Ask "Are you sure even when the answer is correct because you want child to reason and explain how they understand."

Ways to help at home

Helping parents support learning at home. What to say, what to do, how to help.

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Coaching Teachers

Book time to meet, plan, learn, assess. My focus will be to spatialize your teaching so that all students improve. Literacy and Numeracy form the foundations.

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Individual and small group tutoring

Design the plan that is right for you and your family needs. Learners young and old. My focus is building thinking skills, then recall and memory skills. Visual spatial reasoning is the tool that unlocks the genius in everyone.

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Using visual spatial approaches to change student achievement in mathematics, one mind at a time.

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