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Thinking101 Materials and Tasks: 


  • Images

  • Words 

  • Symbols

Teachers weave all 3 into their lessons and tasks. Students expect and are fully prepared to demonstrate all 3 in their solutions.

Build Number Sense 

Number sense matters more than math facts. It grows from a thinking mindset for math. The critical understandings:

  • Shape is in Shape & Number is in Number

  • The Equal Sign

  • Expressions Before Equations

  • Relationships Matter: Magnitide & Density

  • Number Properties Rule

Bridge the Comprehension Gap

Thinking101 materials and tasks bridge the comprehension gap. Math is more than a set of answers. It is a literacy. It is a language. Speaking reading, and writing matter. 

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Dot Collections


Block Collections



Using visual spatial approaches to change student achievement in mathematics, one mind at a time.

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